Accounting for Fast Growth

Accounting for Fast Growth

Accounting often takes a backseat to marketing and sales in conversations about growth. However, with the right strategies, your business’s accounting department could give other teams the flexibility they need to thrive. Keep reading to find five accounting strategies for growth every company should know.

Accounting Strategies for Faster Growth

An accounting department can give a company the financial freedom it needs to fulfill its potential. Here’s how.

Build Scalable Accounting Systems

As businesses grow, accounting teams need to process more transactions. This can create bottlenecks that hold other departments back during periods of high growth.
The solution is building scalable accounting systems from the ground up. This means choosing accounting software that can grow with your business. Otherwise, you could find that you need to totally revamp how your accounting department operates after growth occurs.
In other words, focus on scalability now, and you reduce your chances of experiencing problems as your company grows.

Automate What You Can

Some accounting tasks are repetitive and require minimal expertise. However, they may still take hours for your staff to get through. Automation can help with this problem.
Many accounting platforms now include built-in automated features that can complete everyday tasks for your accounting team. This frees them up to spend more of their time in the areas where they can have the biggest impact.

Focus on Cash Flow

Your accounting team can pave the way for growth by keeping the company’s cash flow in a healthy place. That could mean negotiating more favorable terms with vendors, asking clients to pay their bills faster, or changing other aspects of your business.
The key here is making sure that your business has enough cash coming in on a regular basis. That way, when opportunities come up, your teams can pursue them without having to wait for payments to come in.

Strengthen Compliance

Compliance and fast growth can feel more like opposites than complementary strategies. However, companies that grow quickly need strong internal controls in place to avoid compliance-related slip-ups that can derail progress. Accounting departments can help with this by building strong processes for compliance now to help their companies avoid headaches down the line.

Partner With Experts

Growth-minded accounting can be difficult for some businesses. Your internal accounting team may not have the experience or training it takes to get you to your goal. This is where the right strategic partnership can make all the difference.
Partnering with an accounting firm can give your company access to the expertise it needs to prepare for fast financial growth. Expert accountants can even help train your internal staff to get them ready to perform growth-focused accounting on their own in the future.

Find More Time for Growth

The simple truth is that accounting for fast growth will likely mean changing some of the ways your company does things today. That can take time, which you may not have. CFO Hub can help. We offer a variety of back-office support and accounting services that can prime your company to grow faster while freeing up more time in your schedule. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

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