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CFO Hub has years of experience providing outsourced accounting and CFO services to several industries.

Get access to on-demand experts who will translate your financial data into actionable intelligence. Our team provides unparalleled insights and support via our service offering below:

  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Controller Services and Financial Management
  • Accounting, Month-end Close, and Back-Office Support
  • Government Contractor Accounting and DCAA Compliance
  • Audit and Due Diligence Readiness
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Staffing and Recruiting Services
  • Outsourced HR Services
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Outsourced CFO Services

Your CFO is an integral part of your management team, translating financial data into actionable intelligence. Our best-in-class team of consultants have years of experience across most industries. When you onboard with us, we will assign a perfect-fit group of CFOs and Controllers that precisely match your company’s needs.

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Controller Services and Financial Management

Content for Image 2…CFO Hub’s team of best-in-class Controllers have the tools and experience to provide accurate and useful financial reporting. If you have a current team, our consultants will integrate with yours to improve your current staff, training them on best practices and procedures.

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Accounting, Month-End Close, and Back-Office Support

By outsourcing your accounting department to CFO Hub, you will save your business valuable time on data entry and reconciliations. Our team will ensure all your financial data is organized and maintained accurately using best practices on the latest technology, allowing you to focus on important business decisions. Our team will ensure all your financial data is organized and maintained accurately using best practices on the latest technology, allowing you to focus on important business decisions.
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Government Contractor Accounting and DCAA Compliance

CFO Hub’s team has extensive experience providing Government Contractors accurate financials and ensuring that they are DCAA compliant and audit ready.
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Audit and Due Diligence Readiness

Preparing for a financial audit can be daunting. Reduce stress and outsource your audit management to CFO Hub – we will review your business’ financial and operational procedures to help ensure compliance with complex regulatory requirements. In a similar vein, preparing for M&A transactions—both on the buy-side and sell-side—often requires due diligence efforts that rival, if not exceed, the efforts needed for an audit. CFO Hub is prepared to manage the financial Due Diligence process, coordinate with relevant counterparties, assemble the data rooms, and help drive your business through a successful transaction.
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R&D Tax Credits

R&D credits provide much needed cash tax savings to companies in virtually every industry that perform qualifying research activities. Our R&D credit team has extensive experience helping organizations scope, quantify, document and sustain their credits. Whether you have never claimed the credit, or are already well versed, our team can help identify additional areas of opportunity and implement process efficiencies.
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Staffing and Recruiting Services

We understand that sometimes you want certain tasks to be managed in-house. CFO Hub’s robust network of CFOs, controllers, and accounting professionals is unmatched. We will manage the entire talent acquisition process and present you with top quality candidates tailored to the unique requirements of your business.
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Outsourced HR Services

CFO Hub is equipped to manage all your Human Resource needs on a fractional basis. Whether you have new employees ready for on-boarding, or the need to move away from self-managing your payroll; CFO Hub is your all-in-one solution. Services include, but are not limited to: on-boarding, performance management, payroll, talent development and all employee issues.
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