R&D Tax Credits

R&D credits provide much needed cash tax savings to companies in virtually every industry that perform qualifying research activities. Our R&D credit team has extensive experience helping organizations scope, quantify, document and sustain their credits. 

Whether you have never claimed the credit, or are already well versed, our team can help identify additional areas of opportunity and implement process efficiencies.

Phase 1: Feasibility

Our approach is flexible and based on your circumstances. If there is a question if you even qualify or if you already know you qualify but not sure if you are including all eligible activities and expenses, we can perform a feasibility study to review and develop estimates of benefit and effort needed to claim the credit.

Phase 2: Credit Study

Upon presenting our Phase 1 findings, and if the benefit warrants, we would perform a detailed study to calculate and support the credit. We will also provide a clear roadmap to leverage in calculating and documenting the credit efficiently for future tax years.

Phase 3: Examination Support

R&D tax credits can be a contentious topic with the IRS and state taxing authorities and our team has extensive experience assisting companies through the examination process should it be needed. Our Phase 2 deliverables are designed to be audit-ready, so you don’t need to worry if you have what is needed to defend your credit.

What generally qualifies?

Qualified research activities generally exist if: you are developing a new or improved product or process; there are technical uncertainties regarding the development or improvement; you employ a process of experimentation in order to eliminate technical uncertainties; and the work performed relies on hard sciences (such as engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, or computer sciences).

Why you should leverage our team

The rules defining what qualifies can be quite complex and often difficult to apply to your specific facts and circumstances. Determining eligibility also requires consideration of many disparate factors potential funded research to reviewing contact terms for risk/rights to identifying contributions from high-level individuals and direct support functions. Bottom line, we have the experience and are here to help.

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