Why Your SaaS Business Needs a Fractional CFO

Why Your SaaS Business Needs a Fractional CFO

CFOs play an integral role in helping SaaS companies thrive. They assist with financial planning, budgeting, and growth, among other important strategic initiatives. But hiring a full-time CFO can be very expensive. That’s why a fractional CFO could be the smarter move.
Here’s a closer look at what fractional CFOs are and how they can help your SaaS business take the next step.

What Is a Fractional CFO?

Fractional CFOs are like regular CFOs who work for your company on a part-time basis. They come in to provide expert advice when you need it and get off your payroll once the job is done.
Working with a fractional CFO gives you access to high-level support and guidance at a significantly more affordable price. This can help your business grow or improve its finances without forcing major sacrifices elsewhere in your budget.

How a Fractional CFO Can Help Your SaaS Business

Like regular CFOs, a fractional CFO can support your SaaS business in many ways. Here are four examples of how your company could use one.

Cash Flow Management

First, a fractional CFO can help your company become more financially stable by working on your cash flow management plan. They can analyze historical data, look at trends, and create models to predict and prepare for your future cash needs. This can help you reduce risk and prepare for expansion.

Financial Forecasting and Strategy

Fractional CFOs can also help you develop a high-level financial strategy. They can take your business objectives and come up with a money strategy that will help you reach them. This can help you understand how your business needs to behave financially to get where you want it to go.


SaaS companies may have to comply with various financial and accounting regulations. These can be tough to keep up with on your own – especially if you don’t already have a good system in place for doing so.
Fractional CFOs can help you create a customized compliance system for your business. They can show you how to keep up that system on your own and come back in to make adjustments as your compliance needs evolve.

Tax Strategies

Your business may be able to save a lot of money by choosing the right tax strategy. A fractional CFO can help you do exactly that. They’ll work with your business leaders to come up with a tax plan that maximizes deductions to minimize your company’s out-of-pocket costs.

Choosing a Fractional CFO

If you think a fractional CFO is right for your company, the next step is finding the right fit. CFO Hub can help you do that. We have a team of experts with years of high-level financial leadership and accounting experience across all major SaaS industries. 
Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with a fractional CFO who can provide those services at the highest levels. It could be just what your business needs to take the next step.
So why wait? Get in touch with us to set up a free consultation and we’ll tell you more about how we can help.

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