Your Guide to Hiring a Financial Controller


Your Guide to Hiring a Financial Controller

Money matters are crucial to every business, regardless of size. And as your business grows, it becomes difficult to manage your accounting and finances independently. Therefore, you must find someone to manage and monitor all your accounting and financial transactions—and that’s the role of a financial controller.
But with many skilled and experienced candidates available for the job, how do you find the right one for your business? Remember, the role of financial controllers sometimes varies depending on the organization.
So if you’re looking to hire a financial controller for your business, you are on the right page. Here are some factors to help you fill your company’s financial controller role.
Note that using outsourced services like ours at CFO Hub may be cheaper.

Qualification and education levels

The role of a financial controller varies from one company to the next. Therefore, the education and qualification requirements won’t be the same either. So, you may need to start by defining the roles and responsibilities of the controller, including;

  • Analyzing data
  • Creating financial reports
  • Creating internal policies and spending controls
  • General accounting oversight
  • Advising senior management on financial decisions
  • Management of information technologies
  • Sales tax reporting

Once you’ve defined the roles, you should now decide on the knowledge and qualifications the controller needs. A financial controller requires a specialized skill set, knowledge, and experience. This includes;

  • Advanced degree or master’s in finance and accounting
  • A professional qualification such as CPA/CMA
  • Proficiency in accounting software
  • Solid research and forecasting acumen
  • Years of experience (you’re free to decide the years of experience you want the controller to have)


Find the right candidate(s)

One of the biggest challenges hiring managers face is not knowing where to find suitable candidates for their job openings. Therefore, you must know where to find the right candidate.
Remember, skilled and experienced candidates may already be committed to another company. So they are not searching for a job, and, unfortunately, won’t see your job offer.
Here are some tips for finding the best candidates when hiring a financial controller;

  • Get recommendations from colleagues and other people within your professional circle
  • Use LinkedIn and job posting boards to search for candidate
  • Use a financial recruiting agency to help you find qualified candidates

While the above strategies may work, utilizing a recruitment firm may be a smart move.  Recruitment firms have the skills, experience, and resources to bring experienced candidates that fit your business needs.

Hire someone who can get along with co-workers

Most hiring teams will focus on the technical skills needed for a controller, forgetting the most crucial business skills like collaboration and negotiation.
Remember, a financial controller must collaborate with individuals and departments. Therefore they will need the personality to get along well with other workers within the organization.

Do you need a full-time or part-time financial controller?

Today, freelancing has become a big thing worldwide. So, hiring teams must specify whether they need someone to work full-time and physically on their organization’s premises or work part-time and remotely.

We Can Help You Find A Financial Controller

A financial controller performs crucial roles in an organization. Therefore, you must find the right one based on your organization’s needs. First, define the role the controller will play in your organization. Then find the ideal candidates—it could be through recommendations or job boards. Additionally, you want someone with the right skills, knowledge, and experience.

However, using outsourced services like ours at CFO Hub may be cheaper. We have best-in-class controllers with the right tools and experience to provide accurate and valuable financial reporting. 

Our controller services include financial statement preparation, account system implementation and integrations, and a full suite of accounting support. If you still need to hire a financial controller, you can count on our placement and recruitment services. 

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