Audit and Due Diligence Readiness

Preparing for a financial audit can be daunting. Reduce stress and outsource your audit management to CFO Hub – we will review your business’ financial and operational procedures to help ensure compliance with complex regulatory requirements. Our team has the advanced technical aptitude and experience required to help you navigate these financial reporting standards and streamline the entire process for you.


In a similar vein, preparing for M&A transactions—both on the buy-side and sell-side—often requires due diligence efforts that rival, if not exceed, the efforts needed for an audit. CFO Hub is prepared to manage the financial Due Diligence process, coordinate with relevant counterparties, assemble the data rooms, and help drive your business through a successful transaction.

Due Diligence

CFO Hub will coordinate all facets of due diligence on the sell-side, including strategic CFO-level support to help negotiate the deal that presents the most value. Additionally, CFO Hub has the experience and capacity to deploy financial due diligence for institutional and strategic investors on the buy-side

DCAA Audit Preparation

For Government Contractors, it is critical that your business is prepared for a DCAA audit. CFO Hub can manage all stages of this process, beginning with a Pre-Contract Award Review all the way through liaising directly with the auditor on your behalf.

Be Prepared to Present to Investors

If you are considering raising capital, CFO Hub will provide you with a skilled CFO to help you build a financial model, pitch deck, and ultimately present to investors and negotiate term sheets. CFO Hub will work hard to maximize the value of your investment.

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